Molly Castelloe

I am an American writer and artist.  VAMIK'S ROOM is my first documentary film.  I have worked on this film for seven years, beginning it in 2011, and am the director, writer and producer.  There are two outstanding Associate Producers working alongside me: Kurt Ossentfort and A. Dean Bell.


VAMIK'S ROOM garnered the Gradiva Award given by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis and the Sidney Halpern Award "for furthering the discipline of Psychohistory" given by The Psychohistory Forum.


I received a doctorate in Performance Studies at New York University with a focus on theater and psychology.  This is where I first learned about Dr. Volkan's work and was captivated by his ideas about the shared experience of historical trauma and how it is passed down through the generations.


I contacted Dr. Volkan when he was Director of The Center for the Study of Mind and Human Interaction at the School of Medicine, the University of Virginia, and went to hear him and his colleagues speak about their work around the world in traumatized societies.  Sitting in the lecture hall I remember thinking these ideas are timely in our age of globalization and migrant crisis. They deserve amplification and cinematic narrative.  

I also write a column for on group psychology and shared emotion called The Me in We.



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